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  • User
    27 years Entrepreneur
    Find and add the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S6 64 Gb
  • User
    26 years Translator
    Find the best selling Data Science course
  • User
    49 years Chief Financial Officer
    Find list of homes:
    -in Havana
    -from May 12 to May 19
    -Type: Entire Home
  • User
    27 years Manager
    Find the section “Solar Roof” and read about it
  • User
    32 years Software Engineer
    Find and download the song “Can't Stop The Feeling!”

More than 60 customers

Segmented base of participants

You can invite your own participants: site visitors,
subscribers, and social network community members

12 M   
2 M
people in Russia
Passed an independent quality check
Mktg. Inc.
100 %
Meets ESOMAR requirements
No professional participants
max  4
Participants complete
no more than 4 tests
per month ISO 26362
We will teach you how
to conduct tests yourself
Our specialists will teach you how to
compile tests and to analyze the data, as well
as to acquaint yourself with the subtelties
of the Remote Usability Testing technique Get price

What do you get?

Increased Conversion and Repeat Sales
Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty
Money saved for product development
Money saved for customer support

Usability Factory is created for UX Designer

  • Elena Koroleva
    Head of International Studies
    We started to work with you and your system reletively recently, but had no idea how to work without online tests and surveys when making important product decisions. In the last few months, we have managed to conduct four products, two of which were international, and now we are working on a fifth.
  • Yuri Chernyshev
    Head of Internet Banking Development and Innovation Department
    Thanks to your work - methodological and technical support at all stages of the software, and highly professional support of our projects - we created tools that helped us optimize the convenience of our products for our clients.
  • Elena Nikitina
    Expert in Research and Analytics
    We express our sincere gratitude to the staff of the company "Factory Usability" for the quality of methodological and technical support, and constant willingness to help solve our problems! We wish you much success in your work and with future endeavors.
  • Vitaly Panarin
    Digital Marketing Director
    We have been working with the Usability Factory company for about a year. During this time, colleagues proved their сompetence in usability research, thanks to which they fully meet our high requirements for partnership in this field. We are ready to recommend "Usability Factory" as a reliable provider of software and services.
  • Ksenia Rodionova
    Head of platform
    During testing, we identified a few shortcomings which caused some inconveniences for our customers while shopping at our online store. After making changes to some sections of the site, and after optimizing the search and navigation, it became easier for the buyers to make their purchase decisons - therefore increasing the loyalty of our customers.
  • Konstantin Kotelnikov
    Director of Remote Sales Department
    Software "Factory Usability" - our main tool for creating and conducting remote usability tests.

Test all at once

Use the software, participants, and the help of our analysts to conduct
independent testing of your projects on any platform.

Web sites
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of competitors
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  • Audience
  • Software Features
  • How to create a test
  • Methodology
    • Where do the participants come from?
      Participants are attracted through specialized agencies or panels. Panels are agencies that specialize in the recruiting of large sample users for surveys and marketing testing. The panels that we operate with have a base of more than 2 million people throughout Russia. Panels can segment the participants you need for basic parameters (gender, age, region). Other ways to attract participants include: inviting your own participants: site visitors, subscribers, and community members from social networks
    • To carry out the test, I only need participants from a certain target audience, how can I achieve this?
      For this, there is a screening stage in the test. We ask participants relevant questions in order to determine their involvement in the desired audience. In addition, there are a number of "traps" and rules that will allow only the target audience to pass through.
    • What is the minimum number of participants needed for the test?
      21 people per segment of the target audience.
    • What can I test? Is it possible to test prototypes? Is it possible to test competitors' sites?
      You can test anything you have a link to. Since all actions of participants record our extension, there is no need to build code on the site. This technology allows you to test sites, mobile applications and mobile versions of competitor sites for Android. The only thing that requires additional code insertion is mobile applications for iOS, and this is due to Apple's security policy.
    • What data will I get after the test?
      - Time of the task;
      - Warning users on the site during the execution of the task;
      - Video and audio with the actions and comments of the participants;
      - Number of committed actions: clicks and pages viewed;
      - Technical information: IP, screen resolution, type and version of the browser, type and version of OS, brand and model of the smartphone for mobile tests;
      - Participants' answers to open and closed questions.
    • What data will be analyzed in the report?
      The datat analyzed includeds the automatically collected data about whether the user successfully completed the task. If you need an in-depth analysis, then you need to see the video with the actions of the participants. Usually, there is no need to watch 100% of the video - the first 10 participants will find most of the problems. Even if you have to watch the entire video, it will not take more than a couple of hours.
    • Is it difficult to create a test?
      The creation of the test is the simplest and fastest part in the study. On average, the test can be created in one day. If you need assistance creating the first tests, our specialists will teach you how to create them and analyze the data obtained during the test.
    • What does usability affect?
      Usability is a measure of the productivity, efficiency and satisfaction with which the user performs his tasks on the site. In effect, this is how user-friendly it is to work with the interface. Convenience directly affects the loyalty of customers, the number of their returns to work with the interface and the conversion.
    • Why are you better than A / B tests?
      We are not better or worse. A / B and split-testing, as well as web analytics in general, provide quantitative data on the actions of the entire general population of users. They will allow you to understand where there is a problem, which option is more conversion, but will not give an answer to the question "Why?". The most ideal option is the synthesis of qualitative and quantitative research. So, for example, we can back up information about identified usability problems with quantitative information from either Google Analytics or Yandex Metrics.
    • We already use analytics: a web browser, A / B tests, corridor research." Why do we need you?
      With the help of the web browser you can see what users are doing on the site, but do not know what task they are trying to solve and why they leave or throw the trash. We will help you see how your users solve specific problems.
    • What are the differences between the remote test and the full-time usability testing?
      - the absence of the moderator
      - formulation and hypothesis are formed strictly before the creation of the test-the test takes place in a natural situation for the participant
      - in the testing take part from 21 participants to one segment of the target audience
      - the time for data collection-50 participants per day
    • What is a "deformed sample" of participants?
      Firstly, these are the participants, who do not meet the parameters of the target audience for certain criteria. Secondly, sometimes they are called "low-quality" participants of testing. For example, those who are often interviewed and tested, and already know what answers are expected of them. Such people are also called professional participants, and they will not allow you to obtain qualitative data, because in usability tests they behave differently than they would behave in real conditions, and in their answers to questions they provide incorrect information.

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